“Sri is amazing. She worked with Donovan and she made more progress than our OT and speech and any ABA we ever had combined. All I can say is she changed our lives forever and my son is doing great. She is an angel and loves the kids she works with and is so passionate about her work. I recommend her highly!”


I have been working with Sri for a few weeks on some behaviors I was struggling with from my 3year old, strong-willed-son. On our first phone call, she was able to pinpoint some of the negative behaviors and walked me through how to deal with them! It felt so empowering having her voice in my ear as I dealt with the disobedience and tantrums. We have had a few moments these last few weeks that required me to reach out to her and get some quick advice. She is always eager to get to the root of the issue and give advice to move forward and put a stop to the behavior. I HIGHLY recommend her services!!”