Sri Hatharasinghe-Gerschler, M.A.

Ever since I can remember, I have always had a passion for working with children and families. From working in after school care facilities to becoming a program manager of in home based ABA programs.  I loved the ever-changing dynamics of family and children.

Watching children grow and learn was an endless source of amazement to me, and I truly loved helping families grow in new ways. I had a good understanding of the importance of the parents, however, it was not until I had my own children that I began too fully understand how challenging parenthood could be. I remember the day I questioned my own parenting skills:

Through parenting classes, reading, and therapy for myself, I began to learn about the brain and human development, what good connections look and feel like between parent and child, and what I can change (only myself) and what I Couldn't change (everyone else).

Throughout my journey of parenthood I knew other parents  felt the same way I did. This sparked my commitment to help other parents understand and work through the challenges of parenthood.  Now  I provide energetic, impartial, and personalized parent coaching. My parent coaching style includes solutions that are rooted in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and refined through my nearly decade long submersion in the field (working within school districts and direct child services).  I am passionate about helping you navigate the complexities and unique demands of parenting.